The company is the result of a young and dynamic project, focused on providing high-quality media, image and design services to companies, as well as event organization.

The company offers a wide range of products and services, among them, its digital and print media, its image and design services to companies of the sector.

www.markusandersen.com is the result of a dynamic production and publication project by Markus Andersen, has managed to position at an international level as one of the main companies dedicated to the communication in the games of chance segment.

As proof of this, it counts today with more than 120 customers in the five continents, its large staff of professionals (designers, writers, editors and management and sales team) and a well-recognized track record and projection in several communication fields.

In the last two years, www.markusandersen.com strengthened its work on the igaming sector, reaffirming its position as the most important journalistic production company in New Zealand within the gambling sector.