Best place for photo in Auckland

photo in Auckland
As quickly as you leave the aircraft at Auckland, your mind takes an abrupt turn as you set sights on checking out the places that you may be bestowed with in Auckland. It has lots of amazing things to see and do. It lacks a doubt the biggest city in New Zealand and is home to most sensational natural settings around the world. You... more →
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How about the Auckland nightlife

If you are headed to the North Island city of Auckland for a weekend, a week and even longer, you are most likely questioning what there is that you need to have a look at. It may be the center of business and commerce in the nation, however that’s not all that Auckland provides its residents and visitors. Have a look at a... more →
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How to Pass Time When Traveling

pass time when traveling
You’re stuck on the train/ bus/ airplane for the next couple of hours, now what? Depending upon whether you’re taking a trip with others and what mode of transportation you’re utilizing, your options can differ. Even if you are taking a trip with others, my experiences show that you can’t maintain a discussion... more →
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